Dem 808 Boyz : Hawaii's Finest "Best of the Best" -

Honolulu (HI) 2016

Liahona Youth Empowerment Boys representing the 808 state

written by: Kyle Kakuno & Ryan Matsumoto
Drawings by: DeWayne
Shot, Cut, Narrated and Guitarded by Ryan Matsumoto

Performing Arts Theatre, Acting, Voice, Drama

​​​​HI Speed 808 Training

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The Liahona Youth Empowerment management team members, from its Board of Directors to teachers, coaches, organizational staff and volunteers are highly experienced in their individual areas of expertise.

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Solomon Elimimian 

With all these bad influences that kids sometimes go through when school is over, where they get in trouble, Liahona Youth Empowerment is a great program for kids to stay in that straight and narrow path.

Professional Football Athlete:
BC Lions (CFL - Canadian Football League )

University of Hawaii ( Warrior Football)

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SAT/ACT/SSAT Test Preparation Life Enrichment

Cultural Arts​ Dance, Hula, Chant, History

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and educate special needs, at risk youth and young adults to a healthy lifestyle so they will become active participants and role models in society.